PR Essentials



1. Place the order
2. Fill out the questionnaire
3. Our editorial team writes the content
4. You approve the content
5. We work on publishing the content each article will tell a unique story that’ll further the purpose of your career, your brand, as well as your overall brand image. We pair you up with a copywriter in-house, who will go over the strategy and the angles of the article.

Fame Media is a full-service agency so our team takes care of the writing of the articles, editing, outreach, pitching, and publishing!

In the instance the service cannot be delivered, a full and prompt refund will be issued. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and will make sure you and your team are satisfied with the product.


Which Placements Are Included In This Package?

  • Yahoo News/Finance
  • Bloomberg
  • Market Watch

This placement will help your brand:

● Rank at the top of google search results
● Stronger brand reputation and perception
● High-quality inbound web traffic
● Showcasing authority on your social media and website
● “Evergreen” content (always there)

The entire process from the time the order is placed to the time the article is published takes 6-8 weeks.

In the instance the service cannot be delivered, a full and prompt refund will be issued. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and will make sure you and your team are satisfied with the product.

What is Fame Media’s Process of Creating Press & Securing Publications?


Choose an article package

Select the Press Package that suits your goals and aligns with your brand.

Secure your press package

Add your selected Press Package to your cart and complete the check- out process.

Complete the questionnaire

Once the order is placed, our artificial intelligence system pairs you up with a project manager and a copywriter in-house. You will also receive an automated questionnaire that will ask you five to ten questions about your brand, the company, etc.

Sit Back and Relax

Our team of in-house editorial writers uses the questionnaire to turn your story into irresistible articles and pitches.

Final Review

After our articles and pitches have been accepted, we’ll send all content to you for final review. Nothing gets published without your approval.

Press Submission

Your approved articles are published across high-ranking websites within your Press Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a publicist?

Plain and simple, publicists have connections, experience, and a network that you do not. They can cut through the red tape that keeps you from getting your story heard. A publicist will develop PR tactics, and newsworthy material, pitch to journalists, write press releases, arrange interviews with public figures, and more, all to ensure you are seen and heard.

Which PR package is the best?
Every situation is different, but a PR strategy is the best way to get your business in front of journalists. We believe you get the most out of every media opportunity with a customized subscription-based PR package. While this offers better overall value, we also offer a la carte publications. Schedule a free consult to learn more.
What is the best press release definition?
People often confuse a standard press release definition with that of a media release. That being said, a press release is generally meant for larger organizations or brands to make official statements to the public. We write and distribute all types of news releases, press kits, media advisories for businesses and brands looking to attract new customers through publicity.
Can you tell me how to get verified on Instagram?
Press is your vehicle to become ‘Notable and Newsworthy’ on Google – both of which are required to earn your blue tick of verification. As exposure and awareness heavily increase your chances of verification across every social media platform, your own priceless blue check is within reach. Schedule a call today to get started.
Can I see Fame Media’s case studies?
As part of a comprehensive approach to public relations, media relations, press releases, and digital distribution, we have built a very strong relationship between our clients’ brands, their target audiences, and the media outlets that consistently cover them. You can check out many of our successes right here on the case studies page.
Do you work with anyone?
We only take on new clients that we are confident will break into the media. Our clients have great stories, are awesome interview guests, and are eager to grow.