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$3,000 / month

Perfect for the personal brand or company interested in building brand authority, increasing sales, building consumer trust, and improving the value of their brand.


  • 1+ Guaranteed Media Success Per Month
  • Dedicated Senior Publicist
  • Pitching & Story Creation
  • PR Team
  • VIP Service & Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

I own a boring business, can you still help?

Of course, we can derive stories from the most ‘boring’ of boring businesses. Our guaranteed connections mean we can always deliver.

What makes a successful PR campaign?

A few key aspects are, storytelling, unique angles, virality, connections to news cycles, availability for drop of the hat interviews, not being too ‘big’ for opportunities, and willingness to talk about taboo subjects

What results can I expect?

A few to name, increased ad conversion, positive public sentiment, national / international credibility, legitimacy, brand awareness, trust in customers/investors, control of public messaging

How can I get the most out of PR?

A few to name, dominate your ‘Google’ presence search index, leverage all media mentions on social media, use your features in paid traffic, highlight mentions on your website media section, create a Wikipedia etc.

What if I've made a payment but haven't received a response?

Our team typically follows up with a questionnaire sent to the email address associated with your payment. If you haven’t received this email, please check your spam folder or contact us directly at or We’ll respond promptly to assist you further.

Why should I invest into PR?

Public Relations is not marketing and shouldn’t be treated as such. You should be investing into direct to consumer marketing as personal brand / company, but at the same time, there is nothing more powerful than having a credible 3rd party source speak highly of you. This creates much more impact than you speaking highly of yourself for example. And so direct to consumer marketing, works in tandem with PR.