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Fame Media distinguishes itself as a Modern day PR firm, so that clients no longer have to put up with heavy retainers and zero guarantees.

We tailor everything we do to meet prospects on their level, accompanying their goals and budget requirements.

Benefits of PR 

Establish Thought Leadership and Boost Credibility

Enhance your industry reputation by securing prominent features in top-tier publications like Forbes and Business Inisder, as well as hundreds of other authoritative sources. Strengthen your online presence with a strategically crafted social media profile that showcases your expertise and personality, significantly increasing your credibility and authority.

Elevate Lead Quality and Sales Conversion

Prospective leads from your advertising campaigns will inevitably research your online presence, with 81% of customers Googling your name before making a purchase. By establishing a credible and captivating online image, you’ll significantly enhance your brand’s credibility and appeal, converting interest into tangible sales.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

 Investors are on the lookout for the next groundbreaking venture, but they don’t just invest in ideas – they invest in the people who bring them to life. A strong personal brand is the key to unlocking their confidence. By authentically showcasing your values, passions, and exceptional expertise, you’ll demonstrate your potential for success and attract investors who believe in you and your vision.

Control Over Your Narrative

PR empowers you to shape your professional reputation and define your image on your own terms. By harnessing the power of PR, you can break free from being defined by others’ opinions or past experiences, and instead, showcase your strengths, accomplishments, and unique value proposition. This control is priceless in managing your professional image and ensuring it accurately reflects the value you bring to the table.

Attract Top Tier Talent

A well-crafted PR strategy can be a powerful magnet for top talent, helping you attract and recruit the best minds in your industry. By showcasing your organization’s mission, values, and culture through strategic storytelling and media coverage, you can build a reputation as an employer of choice.

Unlock Bigger and Better Opportunities

A strong personal brand opens doors to lucrative opportunities, granting access to high-paying clients, paid speaking engagements, and prestigious features on popular podcasts and TV shows. By building a robust personal brand, you’ll elevate your career and business to unprecedented success.

Is This Service For You?

Who Benefits

  • Established business owners and professionals 
  • Companies attracting investors, working towards an IPO or a Strategic Exit
  • Start Ups w / Acquired Funding Needing Impact and Credibility
  • Willingness to take interviews with journalists, TV, or Podcast hosts

Who Does Not

  • Businesses without their sales funnel in place
  • Low level models, music artists, athletes
  • Businesses without a marketing budget
  • Entrepreneurs without a unique story to tell
  • Brands needing sales 

How Fame Media Lands Top Media Features



We stay on top of industry news, positioning you as a thought leader.

Custom Pitches

We craft newsworthy stories and connect you with journalists.


Deep Relationships

We leverage our connections with 1000+ outlets to get you featured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will PR increase my company's enterprise value?

Picture this, you are an investor looking at two similar companies in size, niche, revenue etc, but one has positive public sentiment and 3rd party shining mentions, where as the other has no public sentiment and no 3rd party mentions / opinions…. which one would you invest in?

How will PR help me raise capital?

Most institutional investors / high net worth guys will not invest in a compnay without a solid digital footprint. They are looking for something that’s just so compelling from a story perspective for them to write that check. That’s where we come in.

What makes a successful PR campaign?

A few key aspects are, storytelling, unique angles, virality, connections to news cycles, availability for drop of the hat interviews, not being too ‘big’ for opportunities, and willingness to talk about taboo subjects

I own a boring business, can you still help?

Of course, we can derive stories from the most ‘boring’ of boring businesses. Our guaranteed connections mean we can always deliver.

Why should I invest into PR?

Public Relations is not marketing and shouldn’t be treated as such. You should be investing into direct to consumer marketing as personal brand / company, but at the same time, there is nothing more powerful than having a credible 3rd party source speak highly of you. This creates much more impact than you speaking highly of yourself for example. And so direct to consumer marketing, works in tandem with PR.

What results can I expect?

A few to name, increased ad conversion, positive public sentiment, national / international credibility, legitimacy, brand awareness, trust in customers/investors, control of public messaging

How can I get the most out of PR?

A few to name, dominate your ‘Google’ presence search index, leverage all media mentions on social media, use your features in paid traffic, highlight mentions on your website media section, create a Wikipedia etc.

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