Jason Wojo Case Study: Top-Tier TV & Media Placements

Jason Wojo Case Study



Client: Jason Wojo, CEO of Wojo Media 

Industry: Digital Advertising 

Revenue Generated for Clients: $122 Million


Jason Wojo has driven Wojo Media to the forefront of digital advertising with his sharp strategies and trend foresight. Yet, despite significant success, Jason’s online visibility and third-party endorsements were lacking. We strategically enhanced his brand’s presence, leading to a 4X increase in enterprise value relative to the fees paid for our services. Jason was featured in top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur, E! News, and USA Today, all while committing less than 3 hours per month to PR communications.




  • Limited Google Presence: Minimal visibility hampered new client acquisition.
  • Lack of Third-Party Validation: Essential for credibility, absent from external platforms.




Leverage Fame Media’s media relationships to secure high-impact placements that spotlight Jason’s industry expertise and success stories.




  • Targeted media outreach to national publications, industry specific publications and TV networks.
  • Integrated media success into Jason’s digital footprint on his website and marketing materials.


Media Outlets Featured In:


  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • LA Wire
  • LA Weekly
  • Miami Wire
  • NY Weekly
  • LA Weekly
  • USA Today
  • E! News
  • ABC
  • The CW


Our media campaign revamped Jason’s online presence. 


Jason’s official site now showcases featured articles and leverages media logos to enhance authenticity and appeal.


Jason uses the logos as social proof across all his social media, marketing materials and on his Scale Your Ads event banner.


Benefits Realized:


  • Elevated Industry Authority – Recognized as a thought leader, enhancing trust and credibility.


  • Improved Lead Quality and Conversion Rates – Higher caliber inquiries leading to increased sales.


  • Expanded Business Opportunities – New ventures and partnerships emerged from heightened visibility.


  • Attraction of Top Industry Talent – Enhanced perception as a desirable employer.


  • Controlled Narrative: Direct influence over brand storytelling, shaping public perception.