Case Study: Boosting Credibility and Authority for Colton Lindsay and The WGR Through a Strategic PR Campaign



In the competitive field of real estate sales training and masterminding, standing out is no small feat. Colton Lindsay, an internationally recognized figure in this space, faced a unique challenge despite his success: his Google search presence was being overshadowed and he wasn’t verified on social media platforms, hindering his brand’s credibility. How did we help turn the tables for Colton and his brand, The WGR, in just three months? Let’s dive into this transformative journey.




Stage 1: Consultation

We initiated the process with an in-depth consultation with Colton, during which we scrutinized his objectives and sketched out an initial PR strategy tailored to his brand persona.


Stage 2: Blueprint for Success

Post-consultation, we furnished Colton Lindsay with an elaborate plan. This encompassed a selection of media outlets to target, a detailed timeline, and a schematic to bolster his online credibility.


Stage 3: Execution

After receiving Colton’s endorsement on the blueprint, we shared a detailed questionnaire aimed at gathering all necessary information. Following this, we got to work crafting and positioning the content effectively.


Challenges Faced


Colton Lindsay wanted to bolster his brand further. The objectives were multi-faceted:


  • Craft a unique angle to tell Colton’s compelling story.
  • Gain feature spots in significant publications.
  • Achieve social media verification for heightened credibility.
  • Enhance Google search results for Colton Lindsay and The WGR.




  • Position Colton’s unique story for worldwide recognition.
  • Improve Google search results through strategic content placement.
  • Elevate Colton Lindsay as an authoritative figure through media outlets.
  • Generate enough press to qualify for social media verification and a Google Knowledge Panel.


Featured On


Colton Lindsay and The WGR saw a massive upswing in their media coverage, including features in high-profile publications like Maxim, OK! Magazine, International Business Times, and NY Times Mag, among others.




  • Successfully placed Colton Lindsay in a range of esteemed publications.
  • Built a compelling narrative that showcased Colton as an industry expert.
  • Facilitated social media verification on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Created a robust foundation for future PR opportunities and social media verification.


Client Testimonial

Colton Lindsay, Founder of The WGR

“I can’t thank Fame Media enough. They’ve taken my brand to levels I hadn’t even considered. From top-tier publications to social media verification, they’ve delivered on every front. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to gain a serious edge in their industry.”



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