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We utilize the power of PR to boost your personal brand or company’s valuation. Attract investors, expand your clientele, and control your public message and reputation with ease.

Our strategies include digital/print publications, TV, radio, and podcasts.

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Our Unique Approach

Guaranteed Results

We have deep connections with journalists that allow us to guarantee our work, or your money back.

Client-Friendly Pricing

Results first, payment second.

Elite Publicists

Clients receive dedicated publicists, expertly trained to align with and amplify their business and brand values.

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We Are Different.

Traditional PR Firm

  • Heavy outdated retainers.
  • No guarantees, unsatisfactory results.
  • Extra fees for interview &/advisory.
  • Less direct media ties, fewer premium placements.

Fame Media

  • Pricing That Suits Clients. We charge by article results & delivery.
  • We offer guarantees in everything we do.
  • No extra charge for advisory.
  • Deep connections with top-tier outlets.

Clients in the news…

Michael Melicia

Founder of CPEX – J&M Properties – Militia LLC – OxiFresh Carpets

Evan Kluge

Founder of SÜRENITEA

Frequently Asked Questions

How will PR increase my company's enterprise value?

Picture this, you are an investor looking at two similar companies in size, niche, revenue etc, but one has positive public sentiment and 3rd party shining mentions, where as the other has no public sentiment and no 3rd party mentions / opinions…. which one would you invest in?

How will PR help me raise capital?

Most institutional investors / high net worth guys will not invest in a compnay without a solid digital footprint. They are looking for something that’s just so compelling from a story perspective for them to write that check. That’s where we come in.

What makes a successful PR campaign?

A few key aspects are, storytelling, unique angles, virality, connections to news cycles, availability for drop of the hat interviews, not being too ‘big’ for opportunities, and willingness to talk about taboo subjects

I own a boring business, can you still help?

Of course, we can derive stories from the most ‘boring’ of boring businesses. Our guaranteed connections mean we can always deliver.

Why should I invest into PR?

Public Relations is not marketing and shouldn’t be treated as such. You should be investing into direct to consumer marketing as personal brand / company, but at the same time, there is nothing more powerful than having a credible 3rd party source speak highly of you. This creates much more impact than you speaking highly of yourself for example. And so direct to consumer marketing, works in tandem with PR.

What results can I expect?

A few to name, increased ad conversion, positive public sentiment, national / international credibility, legitimacy, brand awareness, trust in customers/investors, control of public messaging

How can I get the most out of PR?

A few to name, dominate your ‘Google’ presence search index, leverage all media mentions on social media, use your features in paid traffic, highlight mentions on your website media section, create a Wikipedia etc.