We specialize in transforming elite entrepreneurs and businesses into household names through strategic media placements on premier platforms.

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Brand Audit

Tell us about you. Then let’s brainstorm creative and viral-worthy headlines and articles that put you into the spotlight.


The foundation of PR, we leverage our hundreds of contacts in the press to directly pitch your story to top reporters and editors. (Yes, we can do press releases as well.)

Brand Recognition

Once your articles are published you can add key sections to your website like “Featured in Yahoo” or “Featured in Forbes”. More than a vanity metric, connecting your brand with well-established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you.

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Featured in Forbes, E! News, and USA Today, our track record proves we deliver. Guaranteed wins—check out our client highlights.

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Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing

Decoding the Dynamics: Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing   If you're in the business of brand amplification, you've likely heard buzzwords like Thought Leadership and Content Marketing tossed around. Often used interchangeably, these strategies, in fact,...

Leveraging SEO for Success in Public Relations: 5 Key Benefits (2023)

Leveraging SEO for Success in Public Relations: 5 Key Benefits (2023)

“Public relations and search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like distinct practices, but they can actually work together to boost a company’s online presence and reputation. Digital PR involves using digital media channels to create, build, and maintain an organization’s relationships and reputation, while SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s pages and content to secure higher rankings on search engine results pages. By incorporating PR efforts into a content marketing strategy, a company can improve its PR campaigns and increase the effectiveness of its content and SEO strategy.